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Dinner Parties - In-Home Chef - Cooking Classes

Jaime Carmody is a personal certified executive chef with over twenty years of culinary experience

Chef's Recommendations

Cooking Classes

Private Cooking Classes are a great way to spend time learning with friends.

Private Dinners

Private Dinners are a 3-4 course dinner, prepared and served to you in your home, for 2-12 people. Enjoy your dinner, your company and a clean kitchen at the end of the meal. A printed menu provided for you as a keepsake.

In-Home Meal Preparation

Out of time? Chef Jaime can prepare all of your meals for the week, in your home, based on your needs and preferences. Makes the perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries or new parents. Gift certificates are available.


For quotes and menu consultations, call Chef Jaime at 513-417-6062

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Customer Testimonials

Lilly Burdsall, Midwest Culinary

I love working with Jaime.  She is incredibly organized and thoughtful in her preparation for classes.  Having observed her teaching, her extensive knowledge and experience shine through in a way that both are apparent, yet not in the slightest bit intimidating to her students, be they 8 or 80.  She is able to get and hold students’ attention, teach meaningful lessons, and manage the classroom. Her beaming smile, and big, welcoming personality make for great food and fun for all.  It is really great to work with such a true professional.

Chef Lilly Burdsall, CCC

Purchasing and Facility Manager

Midwest Culinary Institute

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