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Jaime Carmody is a personal certified executive chef with over twenty years of culinary experience

Chef's Recommendations

Pepper Jelly & Soy Glazed Salmon

This recipe involves marinating the salmon, so be sure to allow extra time for that.

Cod with Potato & Mustard Seeds

Cod loins are easy to work with and won’t fall apart as easily as other fish. You can usually source wild caught U.S. cod from your local grocer.

Spice Up Meatless Fridays: Lemongrass Spicy Vegetables with Shrimp

An aromatic seafood dish that’s super healthy, too. Remember: try to source wild caught shrimp from the U.S., when possible.


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Customer Testimonials

Jamie, M., Alexandria, KY

“Meals looked and tasted as though it had just been prepared. The dinner combinations
were imaginative and complementary. Portions were large enough for 3, filling and had
distinct tastes in each selection.”

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